Most expensive yacht

Yachts can be expensive , very expensive and at last the most expensive ever. We bring you the most expensive yachts for sale in the world – p1: Galaxy of Happiness. These most expensive yachts ever built are the lavish and overpriced toys of the insanely rich.

Sailing around the world is one of the most interesting and exciting things that you can ever experience in your life. Imagine that you have your own boat or yacht. While other people argue about which car to buy, billionaires think about the next expensive yachts to own.

We ranked top expensive yachts.

Its interior designs could downplay those of the most luxurious hotels around. Yachts so glorious they have their own submarine? These luxurious boats are almost floating mansions or at the very least villas which cost almost as much.

Immagine di Port Vell, Barcellona: The 8th most expensive Yacht in the world! The Seven Seas is equipped for the most demanding Hollywood mogul. But owning one of these is really something.

Luxury yachts are the new status symbol of the filthy rich. Yachts are the epitome of luxury and class, with some of them having better features . The yacht is one of the ultimate toys of the rich.

At the moment, the race is on to see who can build the largest and most expensive super- yacht to supply billionaires with maritime bragging . But when it comes to Yachts, the ultimate expression of wealth and success,. This costly yacht has gone by three names since its conception—Platinum 52 Golden Star an most recently, Dubai. The Platinum 5was commissioned by . A state-of-the-art and impossibly luxurious concept for the ultimate super- yacht was presented by Andy Waugh from south west London. If you want the best money can buy, then these ships are definitely it.

Scroll through the list to see some the most expensive ships in the world . Its name means Love, Life, Freedom and Luxury and its easy to see why. Most Expensive Yachts in the World. The perfect place to relax and unwind from the .