Dunajec river rafting

Dunajec Gorge rafting on traditional wooden rafts Dunajec Gorge pontoon rafting bike road along the Dunajec river Gorge Dunajec river Gorge castle in . Dynajec River Rafting by SeeKrakow . Do you want to see as much as possible in one day?

One of the most joyful tour from Krakow – Dunajec Rafting Tour. Take part in our rafting trip along the natural. This region is visited by thousands of . Excursion to the Dunajec River – a beautiful rafting experience in the river canyon.

If you wish to spend one day out of Krakow, you should definitely consider our Dunajec River Rafting. Pieniny Mountains and the Dunajec Gorge at info-poland. Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and you will start . Me and my fiancé went on river rafting on Dunajec on Sunday 28.

Our Private Dunajec River Rafting Tour takes about 8-hours. We usually arrange pick up time at around – a. Magnificent mountain Dunajec river rafting on wooden rafts controlled by Rafters, among the Pieniny National Park. Admire amazing scenery of the Polish highlands while . Allow your expert guide to navigate your raft through .

Il fiume Dunajec scorre tra le bellissime montagne calcaree della Polonia del Su creando sorprendenti formazioni rocciose. Il Parco Nazionale di Pieniny è . Dunajec is the only river that takes waters from the Slovak territory to the Baltic Sea. Its inflows such as: Biely (White) and Čierny (Black) Dunajec , Biela voda . Near the Tatra mountains and the Podhale region, there is another mountain range, much, much smaller but equally picturesque and . The river bed is located in the heart of Pieniny, it crosses the mountains and moulds a. You will discover the marvelous landscape. Discover one of Poland’s prime . Zakopane and Raft Trip on Dunajec River combined tour. See one of the most beautiful part of Poland from traditional wooden raft driven by.

The most amazing stage of Dunajec river is located in Pieniny National Park. Get crazy and take part in our rafting trip along the natural border between Poland and Slovakia. The Dunajec River breaks through beautiful limestone . File: Rafting on the Dunajec River.

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